Assigning a NemKonto

An account must be assigned as NemKonto via a bank. The NemKonto can be assigned via a Danish bank or a foreign credit institution.

Assigning an account as NemKonto via a bank

According to the Danish Act on Public Payments, a NemKonto must be assigned via a bank. In Denmark, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority decides when a company can be authorised to call itself a bank.

When you want to assign an account as your NemKonto, it is important that you are aware that some companies do not have the necessary authorisation to operate as a bank. If this is the case, the company will not be required to comply with the special terms and conditions for security and supervision to which a bank is subject.

The Danish Agency for Digital Government recommends that you look into the circumstances of the company via which you want to assign a NemKonto. You should always ensure that the company is a bank with authorisation. If you have any doubts as to whether the company via which you want to assign a NemKonto is authorised to operate as a bank, please contact the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority.

What happens next?

If the submitted documentation is adequate and an account can be assigned as your NemKonto, you will receive an activation letter after the assignment. The activation letter will be sent by physical post to your registered address.

Please note that for security reasons we are not able to send the activation letter by email, Digital Post or to an alternative address.

Updated 1. July 2024