All citizens and companies registered in Demark are required to have a NemKonto. A NemKonto is a normal bank account that you assign as your NemKonto.

Most Danish citizens and companies occasionally receive payments from the public sector. These payments can be TAX or VAT refunds, child subsidies, pensions, student loans, unemployment benefits, housing support or social welfare payments ect. All payments from public institutions will be transferred directly to this account. Some private enterprises are able to make payments to your NemKonto as well. It can be enterprises such as insurance and pension companies.

If you want a more in depth explanation of NemKonto and know more about why you need one, you can contact NemKonto Support.

How to assign a NemKonto

You need to decide which of your existing bank accounts you wish to use as your NemKonto.

You can establish the NemKonto in one of the following ways:

  1. As a private person you can assign an account number yourself, at’s Self-service (Selvbetjening), if you have a NemID or a digital signature (Click Log ind som borger in the box on the right labeled Selvbetjening).

  2. Contact your Danish bank and inform them which account to assign as your NemKonto.

  3. If you wish to assign a foreign bank account as your NemKonto you can only do so, by following these instructions:


Assign a NemKonto for citizens    

Assign a NemKonto for companies



It is the Danish Agency for Digitisation, who is in charge of NemKonto.

You can find more information and answers to the most frequently asked questions about NemKonto in our FAQ.