NemKonto for companies

All companies in Denmark are required to have a NemKonto. A NemKonto is the company’s existing bank account that is assigned as a NemKonto. All payments from Danish Authorities is transferred directly to this account

The easiest way for your company to have a NemKonto assigned is by having a Danish business account. You can get a business account by contacting a bank in Denmark. The bank will then help you set the business account as your company’s NemKonto.

Please note, that you cannot have a foreign bank account assigned as your NemKonto via a bank in Denmark.

If you wish to assign a foreign bank account as your NemKonto, you need to follow the directions below.

Documents required to have a foreign NemKonto assigned
If you wish to assign a foreign bank account as your company’s NemKonto we will need 5 types of documentation (note; the documentation must be in Danish or English): 

1.     The newest Registration form: NemKonto form for companies (pdf)

a.     The Registration form must contain one of the following ways of notarization:

                                         i.    Notarized signature by a notary or a lawyer.

                                        ii.    The signature of two witnesses.

b.     The signee(s) must have the rights to bind the company as stated in the company’s articles of association.

c.     Please make sure that all boxes are filled out and that the information is correct.

2.      A signed copy of the company’s current articles of association translated into Danish or English.

a.     The articles of association must state the company’s signatory powers or binding corporate rules.

3.     Official documentation from an authority that proves that the signee fulfills the requirements laid out in the articles of association translated into Danish or English.

a.     The documentation cannot be more than one month old.

b.     The documentation must prove that the signee of the Registration form is a Permitted signee in the company.

4.     A copy of the signee’s official identification papers.

5.     A copy of the company’s Registration Certificate from Skattestyrelsen (SE-numbers only).


Please note that the documentation must be sent by contact form or by postal service:

You can find the contact form here: send via contact form.

Otherwise, please send by ordinary post:

Att.: NemKonto Support
Dahlerups Pakhus
Langelinie Allé 17
2100 København Ø

Third Party Assignment
In case of a third party assignment, we will need the following documentation in addition to the 5 types of documentation stated above*:

1.     A notarized Power of Attorney (PoA) signed by the company’s permitted signee(s).

a.     Powers of Attorney must be notarized by either a notarized signature or two witnesses.

b.     A copy of the official identification papers for the Permitted signee(s) giving the Power of A.

*The additional documentation for third party assignment must be sent to the address stated above.

What happens next?

If the submitted documentation is adequate and we are able to proceed with the assignment, you will receive an activation letter after the NemKonto has been assigned to the company. The activation letter will be sent via postal service to company’s registered address.

It should be noted, that we are not able to send the activation letter via e-mail or to an alternative address for security reasons.

Additional information

Companies who have registered either a SE-number or a P-number can assign a NemKonto to each of the numbers. Ultimately, however, the public authorities decide whether a payment will go through with the SE-number or P-number as identification of payment.