Collection and use of personal data

What is NemKonto, which of your personal data do we use and why?

The Danish Act on Public Payments determines that all individuals above the age of 18 and all businesses must have a NemKonto.

Your NemKonto is the bank account that all public authorities use when they transfer funds to you or your business. NemKonto can also be used by private businesses for payments of their employees or customers. A NemKonto is a regular bank account that you already have. You can select which of your bank accounts you would like to use as your NemKonto.

We process your data in order to operate, store and disseminate data from the NemKonto register, and this is necessary for your NemKonto to work.

When you assign or change your NemKonto, we retrieve your civil registration number (CPR number), your name and your address from the Central Registration System. Then we combine and store the data in the NemKonto Register. This register ensures the possibility to transfer payments to your account.

After payment is completed, we save the transaction history, which may contain information about benefit types; this is done for security reasons.

Who receives your personal data?

  • Your bank: We provide your bank with details of the account you wish to use as your NemKonto. Changes apply no later than five banking days after they have been made;
  • Banks that convey payments will receive your payment information from the NemKonto registry;
  • Sending authorities and private payers, as well as their external auditors, receive a notification after the transaction has been completed;
  • SKAT receives payment information in debt recovery cases under the law;
  • The accounting centres receive transaction information under the law;
  • KMD A/S operates the NemKonto system on our behalf and may therefore have access to personal data for technical reasons.

Payment information is sent exclusively to banks outside the European Union area following your request for having a foreign bank account registered as your NemKonto. In this case the foreign bank will receive the authority’s notification text to the payee.

How long will your personal information be used and stored?


Deletion deadline for information stored at NemKonto follows from section 18, paragraph 1.4, in Order No. 766 of 5 July 2006 on the “Nemkontoordningen”. It is clear from this provision that NemKonto and specific accounts are deleted by the system administrator of the Nemkonto system when the accounts have been inactive for five years.

Information is kept for public authority purposes.

Your rights

You can, at any time, seek information about the personal data that the Agency for Digitisation is processing about you when you use NemKonto, and you can request a correction or deletion of information that is incorrect or no longer relevant.

Your inquiry can be made by phone, letter or email by contacting the Agency for Digitisation (please find the contact details below). If you request registry entry per letter or via secure email, you can use this form in which you need to provide your civil registration number (CPR number), name and address to confirm your identity.

Contact information

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If you have any questions about our processing of your information, you are always welcome to contact our data protection consultant:

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If you wish to complain about the Agency for Digitisation’s processing of your personal data, please contact the Data Inspectorate:


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Telephone: 33 19 32 00