Activation letter Citizens - English translation

When you have assigned a NemKonto you will receive an activation letter with an activation code. The activation letter is in Danish. Below is an English translation.

You must activate your NemKonto

We can confirm that you have been assigned a NemKonto through a Danish public authority.

Name of the beneficiary:
Bank code:
Account number:

(If one or more options above are blank, the reason is that not all optional fields were filled in by assignment).

You are asked to carefully check that the provided information is correct.

You must activate your NemKonto in order to receive any payments from the Danish public authorities.

To activate NemKonto – do as follows:

  • Call the number (+45) 70 27 XX XX and follow the instructions (press * for English)
  • Enter your Danish followed by # 
  • You will be prompted to enter the eight digit activation code.
  • Enter your activation code : XX XX XX XX followed by #
  • When the code is entered, the message will be: “You have now activated the account”
  • The activation of Nemkonto is now complete

If you need any help with activating the NemKonto account, you can call NemKonto helpdesk on (+45) 33 98 00 60. You can also send an email to

Best regards,

Agency for Digital Government

(The activation code is only valid for 60 days from the date of the letter. Therefore it is important that the account is activated immediately. If it exceeds more than 60 days, the activation code is no longer active. You must then have the account assigned again through a public authority to retrieve a new activation code)