Foreigners and NemKonto Easy Account

If your are a foreigner living in Denmark you need a NemKonto (Easy Account)

All foreigners with a Social Security (CPR) number must have a NemKonto Easy Account

Are you a foreigner living in Denmark, and you have a Social Security number, then you should have a NemKonto Easy Account. All payments from the public sector is transferred to your NemKonto Easy Account. These payments can be tax refunds, child subsidies, pensions, student loans, unemployment benefits, housing support or social welfare payments.

Your NemKonto Easy Accound is a ordinary bank account that you already use. You choose which of your regular bank account that you wish to use as your NemKonto Easy Account.

If you expect to receive payment from the public sector, then remenber to choose a NemKonto Easy Account before the first payment.

You can do that here at by logging on the self-service or you can ask your bank to do it for you.

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