NemKonto for companies

All companies in Denmark are required to have a NemKonto. A company’s Nemkonto is a bank account that receives payments from the public sector.

How to assign a NemKonto?

The easiest way to get a NemKonto, is to open and use a Danish bank account. The bank will then do all the work for you, and the transactions will begin much faster.

If you still wish to assign a foreign bank account as your NemKonto we’ll need 4 kinds of documentation (note; the documentation must be in Danish or English): 

        I.          The Registration form NemKontoForm Companies (pdf)

      II.          A copy of the company’s articles of association.

     III.          Official documentation that proves that the signee fulfils the requirements laid out in the articles of association.

    IV.          The signee’s official identification papers.

NOTE  - Additional documentation may be required

Registration forms send without the required documentation will NOT be processed and your company will NOT have a bank account assigned as NemKonto.  


We kindly request that you adhere to the following instructions:

        I.          Be sure to always use our newest registration form. Please make sure that all boxes are filled out and that the information is correct. It’s very important that the stated bank details are correct. The signatory must be a person with rights to bind the company as stated in the company articles of association. The signatory will have to sign the form requesting the bank account to be assigned as the company's NemKonto.

      II.          Please provide a signed copy of the company’s current articles of association as documentation of the company’s binding corporate rules.

     III.          Make sure there is documentation to prove that the signee of the registration form is appointed as Permitted Assignee in the company or appointed by a person authorised to bind. The document can’t be more than one month old.

    IV.          Send a copy of the signee’s passport and make sure it is sent securely, so as to not compromise any personal data.

Should any questions arise from this, please do not hesitate to contact our support line

What happens next?

If the documentation is to our satisfaction and we are able to proceed, you will receive an activationletter

Additional information

Companies who have registered either a SE-number or a P-number can assign a NemKonto to each of the numbers. Ultimately, however, the public authorities decide whether a payment will go through with the SE-number or P-number as identification of payment.